Competition Rules and Regulations 2008*

*Amended May 20th 2008

The Competition

The Campus Tennis Tournament this year shall run from April onwards culminating in the mens singles, the mixed and mens doubles semi-finals & finals and the ladies singles final . Normally the winners of Leagues A will play the Runners Up in Leagues B and visa versa; the winners of these matches will play out the finals. This year (2008), this will apply only to the mens singles (two leagues), the mens and mixed doubles shall have a round robin format where the top four shall play in the semis - first plays fourth and second plays third. The winners play out the final. In the ladies singles the top two play out the final. Like last year an additional merit point will be awarded for every match played. League positions will first be on number of points and then game difference.

Equipment & Booking the Court

The court can be booked through Steve Russen on (gym) on ext. 8682. Email: and possibly the SSC web pages (I'm looking into this) Racquets and Tournament tennis balls can also be signed out from Steve. I'm hoping that matches will last approx. 1 hour but, please leave an extra 15 mins after the previous booking (if booked for an hour) incase the previous match overruns.


It is up to you to contact your opponents and arrange a suitable time for both teams to play.(check the competition web site for the fixtures). If due to injury or prolonged illness a match cannot be played, it is up to the partner to decide whenever to withdraw from the competition or find a replacement who will then play out the remaining fixtures. If a team withdraws from one of the competitions, all there results shall be considered null and void. This is only fair but I do hope that this can be avoided at all cost - one way or another. If a team does not turn up the match can be rescheduled. If a team pulls out from playing a match 3 times their opponents will be awarded the match as a 9:0 win.

General Rules

Choice of side and right to be server or receiver shall be decided by the toss of a coin, or by some other agreeable means.
The player winning the toss may choose to serve or choose which end to start from. That is:
A. to serve or receive,
B. the side of the court.

Matches will consist of one pro-set. A match is won by the first team to win 9 games. If the set becomes tied at 8, the winner of the next game, on serve, will win the set and match.

Score in a Game:

If a team win their first point, the score is called 15 for that team; on winning their second point, the score is called 30 for that team; on winning their third point, the score is called 40 for that team, and the fourth point won by the team is scored game for that team except as below:- If both teams have won three points, the score is called deuce; and the next point won by a team is scored advantage for that team. If the same team win the next point, they win the game; if the other team wins the next point the score is again called deuce; and so on, until a team wins the two points immediately following the score at deuce, when the game is scored for that team.

Service - Doubles

The order of serving should be decided before the beginning of the first game. The pair serving in the first game of the match shall decide which partner shall do so. The opposing pair should also decide who is going to serve in the second game. The partner of the player who served in the first game shall serve in the third game; the partner of the player who served in the 2nd game shall serve in the 4th game. In delivering the service, the server shall stand alternately behind the right and left courts, beginning from the right in every game. If service from the wrong half of the court occurs and is undetected, all play resulting from such wrong service and services shall stand, but the inaccuracy of the station shall be corrected upon discovery. The ball shall pass over the net and hit the ground within the service court which is diagonally opposite, or upon any line bounding such court before the receiver returns the serve. Even if it just catches the outside of the line it should be deemed in.

Receiving Service

Partners shall receive the service alternately throughout each game. The server may not serve until the receiver is ready. Pairs will switch sides after each odd numbered game, i.e. 1, 3, 5. etc.

Service is a let

A. When the ball served touches the net, strap, or band and still lands in the appropriate service court.
B. If a service or a fault is delivered when the receiver is not ready. The point shall be replayed.
In the case of a let, that particular service shall not count, and the server shall have that serve again.

Good Sportsmanship

Players are to respect all opponents calls of in or out. If in doubt whether a ball is in or out, a player should always give the opponent the favourable call.


The Results of matches can either be mailed to 'sport' or to me directly I'll then add them to the competition web page.

Tennis List

I'm hoping to set up a Tennis List asap. I'll let everybody know when it's up and running.


There will be shields presented to all competition winners, whose names will then be engraved on and displayed in a display cabinet (possibly the one near Sanger reception).

Questions, Queries and Quibbles

If you have any of the above please feel free to mail me