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The Goddess Of Dark Dreams

To say Azhrarn was handsome is a foolishness, for this mortal expression of a round world lies like a pebble at the gateway of what Azhrarn really was. Advisedly, however, did they name him The Beautiful, and that, too, was not enough, indeed as inadequate as to say: The sea is wet. His hair was blue-black, it was like no other hair, like the hair of some fabulous beast or a piece of starred night sky, transmuted through silk and water. His eyes, which had seen centuries snuffed out almost in a blink, were impossibilities - two things made of light which was black, two searing flames the shade of unmitigated darkness. He wore black too, yet somehow the black seemed full of all types of nuances of colour. The eagle-winged cloak appeared to glare and shine with jewels or with conflagrations or with something preposterous and wonderful, yet it did not; or maybe it did. He walked in a man's form, but the wolf, the panther, the bird of prey, these also were there. And so subtly he walked, so light, even the earth could not hear him....... Azhrarn appearing to Shell/Simmu - Death's Master
Tanith Lee is an English Authoress born in North London on September 19th 1947. She began writing at the age of nine, now a prolific writer she has had published over sixty novels and over two hundred short stories over a period of thirty-five years. Quite a few of her Tanith Lee books are sadly out of print now, but many of these can still be obtained from second hand traders (see below). She has written novels in many genres including gothic horror, science-fiction, vampiric, adult and children's fantasy, dark fantasy and even historic. Her books have received many award nominations including one for The Nebula Award in 1975 for 'The Birthgrave'. She has won the August Derleth Award in 1980 for her Flat Earth novel 'Death's Master'; the 1983 World Fantasy Award for best short story with 'The Gorgon' and her 'Elle Est Trois, (La Mort)' won the 1984 World Fantasy Award for best short story. Her novel 'Valkhavaar' won the 1986 Gilgames Award for best fantasy novel (Spanish-language edition), and the 1987 award went to Tanith for her Flat Earth novel 'Night's Master'. She has also had four radio plays broadcast by the BBC and has written two episodes of the BBC cult Sci-Fi series Blake's 7: 'Sarcophagus' (series 3) and 'Sand' (series 4). Her works have been translated into fifteen languages...including Japanese.

Other Award Nominations
Nebula - Best Novel nominee (1975) - The Birthgrave
Nebula - Best Short Story Nominee (1979) - Red As Blood
World Fantasy - Best Novel Nominee (1979) - Night's Master
World Fantasy - Best Novella Nominee (1984) - Nunc Dimittis
World Fantasy - Best Collection Nominee (1984) - Red As Blood
World Fantasy - Best Collection Nominee (1987) - Dreams Of Dark And Light
World Fantasy - Best Collection Nominee (1988) - Night's Sorceries
British Fantasy Society- Best Short Story Nominee (1998) - Jedella Ghost
Guardian Children's Fiction Prize - Best Novel Nominee (1998) - Law Of The Wolf Tower
World Fantasy - Best Novella Nominee (1999) - Scarlet And Gold
British Fantasy Society- Best Short Story Nominee (2000) - Where The Town Goes At Night
British Science Fiction - Best Short Fiction Nominee (2001 - La Vampiresse

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